Replacing LM386


2010-04-24 1:52 am
There's this thread on a new chip that should definitely offer better performance:
New Audio Op Amp - OPA1622

If efficiency is a concern, there are surely modern Class D headphone amp chips that are much better than LM386 (my goodness is that thing old, it should have gone into management years ago). They're not the audio quality of the above chip, but depending on your application they might still be plenty good enough.
OP, please state:
* supply voltage (min/max)
* load impedance
* required gain
and perhaps acceptable idle current draw.

DIP could be a problem indeed. The crummy old LM386 noise and distortion generator is the very last thing I would use for sure.

An opamp + power buffer concept may potentially be more promising. (Power amp chips are not uncommonly built to be operated at low inverting gain following an opamp output these days.) There is always something you can do given enough PCB real estate or power.

is there a new DIP chip to replace LM386 for portable/battery use ?

New development so I don't care about connections.

have a nice day.

You could take a look at LM4871; I would say it is / was the successor to the LM386, but, unlike LM386, the DIP version of LM4871 has gone obsolete - current production is SOIC-8.

In the states, surplus DIP LM4871 are still available for about a buck / chip.

LM4871MX/NOPB Texas Instruments | Mouser

I haven't used LM4871, but I'll probably get some the next time I order parts. I like the ease of use of the LM380 / LM386 chips, so I still use them. Hard to beat for hobby use, imo. Probably why they still make them in DIP.