Replacing CAPs in NAD C370


2007-10-10 10:23 pm
Hello i am working on two nad c370.

Allt the bigger electrolyts are swollen because of heat
(they put them in a gym in a closed box, smart ;)

and needs to be replaced.

4x10 000uF 80V

2x1000uF 100V (power supply)

2x2200uF 50V (preamp or something)

Just want to hear with you experts if there is something
i should consider or maybe some tips?

Dont want to buy original NAD parts think it will be the double

Jamicon, is it a god Brand? Considering replacing
All electrolyts with Jamicon same value.

Think it should be OK, but i want to hear from you guys.

Also, should i replace the smaller one because of the heat?
Even if they work i mean. Maybe i should consider it.

Let me hear! ;)


2009-10-22 4:16 pm
Hello, I've been advised by NAD to have caps replaced in my c370 for a protection circuit fault. It is long out of warranty, and so I am contemplating doing this job myself.

They recommend the main filter caps and the protection circuit caps. I have found several web pages that walk through doing the protection circuit (4.7, 10, and 47 uF all 50v) but haven't seen anything specific about the filter caps.

Tracking down parts, it looks like many 10000uF/80v caps are 'snap in.' Wondering if this is possibly the case with the c370, or if replacing them will require removing the main circuit board.

Sorry for the probably dumb question - any advice you guys have on this job would be much appreciated!

Thank you,