replacement turntable


2005-06-22 1:50 pm
Greetings - new to this forum just discovered today -did a quick scan through the search and have a question -

Had a very nice turntable in storage and havent used in many years. set it up and doesnt work and will need fixin', going over etc. In time I am sure it will be working -a $120 new Dual turntable/changer around 10 years old or so - purchased as an inexpensive recommendation from Sensible Sound - mounted a medium priced Grado on it (hope I can still get replacement stylii!) I guess was okay, but not without its problems. dont even know if replacement belts are available.

FOR THE MEANTIME, I am in need of dubbing vinyl for posterity, enjoyment etc. (just started frequenting a great jazz shop with a healthy used vinyl business!)

No 'audiophile' but I have owned a Thorens TD-160 w/ a Shure or Grado or two

I was wondering what one gets in those inexpensive DJ turntables - for instance a quick search on Sam Ash site shows two turntables for $100 - will these do it?

Just wondering if they are worth it - of course I think tweaking like mats and clay damping of cartridges and tone arms might happen -

Any belt drive table arm combos around at all in MY price range that do a decent job?

I will get to work also on making my Dual work - this forum I am sure will be a help - but in the meantime wonder whats around - or where the second hand market is - I guess eBay