Replacement LCD for NEC CDR602

Can anyone help?

I want to replace the LCD on my NEC CDR602 CDROM, which I have converted to a CD transport. According to the NEC schematics, the LCD part number is FRO-13527AAP. The LCD is a small and has one line of characters. The display screen is about 30mm X 6mm and has grey plastic surround. There are 19 pins on the display, two of which seem to be for the LED backlighting.

The driver is an NEC UPD7225.

Can anyone recommend a larger LCD display that is pin compatible with the FRO-13527AAP?
Is it possible to bypass the FRO-13527AAP/ UPD7225 and install another driver/LCD combination, using the exisitng input signals?

Any help would be appreciated. On the other hand, it would be helpful to know if what I want to do is not possible.


Joe Newbold
Perth, Western Australia