Repairing subwoofer box


2013-03-20 5:16 am
I have box that is set up for 12" subs. I am trying to set it up to hold 10" subs.... What is the best way to do this and what is the best way to hook up the speakers... I also keep blowing my left sub. No matter how many different subs I put in there that is the one that blows.


2010-11-21 11:20 pm
I'm assuming it's a car sub?

The best way is to make a new bezel, an adapter plate that covers the
entire front of the box. Glue/screw it in place and then mount the 10's. Never hurts to make the front of the box holding the speaker drivers twice as thick--prevents stress cracks and excess vibration that colors the sound.

I'm assuming you have checked the amplifier and source to ensure things are not off balance. If so, your left side is leaking air which would unload the woofer so the cone will stroke farther. A good trick is to pour latex paint into the box and slosh it around. The paint will find any leaks and fill them up--if you see paint on the outside of the box, that is your leak. After the paint dries, reseal that area with sealant of your choice.

If your box is from Best Buy or wherever, those things are famous for just being stapled together and a bead of caulk at the seams. If so, it would be best to remove all the caulk--pull out the staples then glue/screw the panels back together.

Good luck!