Removing static noise from stereo.


2001-07-13 5:32 am
My system sounded fine for awhile, until i installed an on/off switch on each of my quad 303 amps. Before i put the switch on, there was some static noise, but it was very very quiet. But now, when i turn the amps on, there is no noise, but when the pre come on, WAMMO! Static city! And honestly, i can't ignore the static. I need all the static removing information, tips and tricks i can find/have.

Here is my situation for furtheer insight:

- Two quad 303 amps, none have the earth ground attached to the outlet. only a two prong plug. When i tried grounding one, it hummed.

- Quad 33 pre amp, it too doesn't have an earth ground. When i grounded the pre to the earth ground, and the amps wern't grounded to teh earth, it hummed even worse.

- Custom made bridging device. That has no problems

- Metal 15A toggle switches mounted before the fuse on the line wire in the amps. The switches are mounted to the metal chassis, or back plate of the amp.

- Cruddy ruddy DIN connectors made of not so hot, but shielded wire.

-3 feet of 10 guage silver wire from the amps to the spearkers.

- When the amps are on, the bridge is on, and the pre is not, there is no hiss.

- Nothing has earth ground cennected to it. I'm not sure if that's good or bad.

Thanks for your help.
Well, lets see if we can get somewhere on this problem. Do you turn your amps on before your preamps? If you do, that can cause large pops in the amps.

Many times, I have seen static and popping noises caused by dirt inside the volume controls. This problem is aggravated by dc current being drawn through the wiper arm of the volume control, either due to circuit design or a leaky capacitor in series with it. I doubt in your case it is due to circuit design.

But really, any poor connection anywhere in the signal path, especially before the power amp can cause static. Maybe try jiggling cables to see if that affects the static, espeically those DIN cables you mentioned. They can cause much trouble.