Removing Platter on Technics SL-1300?


I picked up my first turntable yesterday in 35 years :) Technics SL-1300
for $20 on Craigslist, seems OK except missing the aux counterweight and has no cartridge or headshell. I just ordered a headshell and Denon DL-110 for
130 combined so I hope am good to go shortly...

I am wondering how to remove the platter so as to add a couple drops of oil to the bearing? I downloaded the manual from another website, but nowhere can I find how to remove the platter to access the spindle bearing. I removed the mat, the platter will not lift off, I can see the ends, not heads, of three bolts screwed in from the underside. I removed the bottom cover to see what it looks like, no joy for platter release there (but the unit looks very clean!).

Looks like i am missing something very obvious ?

Thank you for any help in this...
As described earlier, using the holes in the platter lift the platter and the whole turntable up off the table about 1/4 of an inch and tap the top of the spindle gently with a wooden mallet. The whole turntable should drop leaving you with the platter in your hand. You can do this by yourself or ask for assistance.