Removing dustcap from a Polypropylene driver


2005-02-09 4:35 am
I read an earlier post about driver mods "Repairing and modifying speakers" where it was suggested that acetone/heat could be used to loosen the glue used on dustcaps. But I believe most of the references were to paper cone drivers. What about a Polyprop driver. I would imagine that too much heat would certainly be detrimental, perhaps a (hair) blowdryer max'd out - at most. Any suggestions as to whether acetone would be safe - or not? Thanx.


PP adhesives are most difficult to work off - as pp is difficult to glue in the first place

check if the dustcap has been fitted with a rubber toughened adhesive or epoxy

for epoxy benzoyl acetate will be the best - you will have to apply it atleat 3 to 4 times with a couple of hours gap and wait over night for the benzene to have effect

for rubber toughened you can try the above or dexterly work it off with a slightly heated sharp object like a knife - need to mention you need to be ultra careful not to destroy the cone itself

best would be if u could practise once on another - burn out or very cheap - car audio unit or some thing similar

also keep applying pressure on the cone pressing it down from near the dustcap after you feel the dustcap is a little loose - most probably it will pop out prising its own self free with the uneven force against the glued surface from the cones face