Removing a speaker from stand - no idea how :)

I hope this is the right forum to ask a question like this. I apologize if I missed the place, I've been lurking around for a while but never posted before.

I have purchased A/V receiver and a set of speakers 5 years ago, and had it installed by a company I purchased it from.

They also installed surround speakers on stands, but gave me no details on stand model or anything else. At the time, I did not think of asking anything.

Now I need to move to another place and need to remove the speakers from the stand, and pack them into boxes. Speakers in question are Mission MX2 bookshelf speakers.

However, I can't get in touch with people who sold/installed the gear and I have no idea how the speakers were mounted on stands, nor how to remove them from stands.

From what I understand, very common way of mounting speakers is by using Blu Tack. But I am not sure if there is a way to determine, with certainty, whether Blu Tack was used. Gap between the bottom of the speaker and top of the stand is almost non-existent, I am not sure if Blu Tack 'spreads' under pressure from speaker and becomes flat (thus, no gap). I am also not sure if speakers maybe have some screw holes at the bottom and are screwed to the mount - can't find any pictures of MX2 bottom (and manuals page on Mission site has nothing on it, argh).

So, if anyone has experience with speakers/stands like this, or tricks on how to determine method of mounting, I would be grateful for any input/help.

Pictures of the stand are here:

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Thank you :)