Remove muting transistors on Arcam CD73?


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I don't have an answer to your question, but in general it is a risky practice to post an unprotected email address to an open forum like this.

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I've requested a moderator remove it. Yeah, I know I'm a busybody.. :D

Safest practice is not to post any email address which is not always practical, but they can be disguised so that they are not useful to bots..

Example: namelessperson_at_anyoldisp_dot_com is just one way of doing it - underscores can be left out if desired.

On Topic:

Google for the service manual.. Muting transistors can often be reworked to drive a relay instead which shunts the audio out, retaining mute without nonlinear dirtysand in the path. ;)

Other items to think about:
replacing op-amps
output jacks
supply filter caps