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I'm looking for an apllication to control my music pc from my laptop. The music pc is either running Foobar (preferably) or J.river media jukebox.

J.river media center has tcp/ip support with wich you can view the complete playlist on another computer in the same network and stream the music to that other computer but that's not what I want. I want a solution that does the same except for one thing. I don't want to stream the music to my laptop I want the laptop take control over the music pc, view the playlist and send commands to the music pc.

I do not want to use the laptop as music player for several reasons. At first the music pc sounds much better, second I don't want a firewire cable to the fireface soundcard I'm using running trough the room, third the laptop does not have the same 500gb capacity as the music pc and I don't want to use an external drive for the same reasons as I don't want to use the laptop as music player (so much cables that I can't move the laptop around anymore)

I-tunes has a remote I-tunes wich can do excactly what I want, see
but there are two problems with this solution, one is that it's mac only at the moment and two, I really do not like I-tunes, so I'm looking for a same kind of solution for the pc to control foobar or J.river. I have searched a lot around the web but can't find anything so far wich I find pretty strange these days where many people have media pc's in their home wich need to be controlled in some kind of convienient way.

Anybody any idea about a solution ?


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kstylianos said:
If they are XP (both laptop and music PC) do some research on XP's built in remote destktop connection. Pretty much do what you want....control the music PC from your laptop.


To run MS Remote desktop, the PC that is to be remotely controlled has to have XP Pro, the remote computer can have XP home though. In the properties of remote desktop connection we can chose where sound should be played (remote or local), see pic.


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I have used remote desktop, vnc, radmin server in the past but the problem is that they all are very very slow because it sends out graphic data over the network, when I reduce the graphic data the playlist becomes almost unreadable. With a remote playlist there is no need for any graphic data because the remote pc has it's own rendering engine so it can be at least as fast as webbrowsing without any hickups or unreadable lines on the screen
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