Reload this Page Fuse for the speakers, need some suggestions


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2009-10-13 2:43 am
May i ask against which risk you want to protect your drivers?

Anyway in the 80's to protect tweeters 'polyswitch fuse' were used. You could use them but be aware they are non linear device so they may induce distortion.
An obvious way to protect your tweeter is a capacitor in series with it: it'll form an highpass hence your tweeter shouldn't see low signal and thus being protected from over excursion.
That said if your loudspeakers are passive this should be already in there as this is the usual way to cross them.

To protect woofers... there is no real way passive i know of ( except high pass filter same way as for tweeter but you'll need huge capacitance).

If you run active you can implement easily and if the processor is 'serious' it may offer limiting too.

An other tactic is to have a bigger wattage amplifier than needed and run it half ( or lower) power. That said if someone else than yourself might use the system it isn't a wise solution.

May i suggest you read the following link to understand my latest suggestion:

Why Do Tweeters Blow When Amplifiers Distort?