Relay recomendation for signal switching


2002-01-18 11:22 am

As part of my diy preamplifier design I'd like to switch the signal path using relays. Does anyone have any recomendation on suitable relays? I know that there are a lot available but am unsure on the best type and how they all compare.

The relays that seem readily available and (superficially, at least) suitable all seem to be the miniature ones targeted at telecom applications. These are generally AuAg, dpdt, 1A, hermetically-sealed types. How would these be in terms of audio quality? Makes that seem quite easy to get hold of are fujitsu, nec, hke-switchtec and imo. How are these?

I've also seen reference to nitrogen filled relays. Are most hermetically sealed types nitrogen-filled? Should I look for ones that are? In terms of relay configuration are spdt worse/better than dpdt? I've also seem mention on the web of using dpdt relays and wiring both poles together to reduce resitance and improve performance - Is this the best way? And what about latching relays?

Does anyone know what type of relays most high-end preamps contain?

Any advice appreciated, thanks