Regulator Variable 5-25V 10A, Lowdrop with MOSFET

IRF9540 is a very good MOSFET. 150W and TO-220.

Here is shown a load of 5A with only 0.48V drop.
R1, C1 and D1 provide a start impulse for the regulator.
The regulator is variable 5-25V.

Regulator PMOS_02.jpg
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You could look at the mic515x for a mosfet power supply driver for N channel devices. Some parts in that line up have a charge pump so you don’t have to furnish your own drive voltage.

I think using a P channel device is feasible, but requires careful stability analysis, most LDO devices using p channel devices are inherently more unstable than N-channel equivalents.

Mic5156 is a very nice chip for this application with guaranteed stability
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