Rega RB300 - Deconstructed

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Dear Rega fans,

Some good and bad news.

Bad news - my Rega RB300 arm fell from over 1 meter high and were badly damaged. My heart also broke as this was one excellent arm and funds wont permit me to replace it...

Good news - I took the liberty to dissasemble it and photograph all the parts. For those who may find it interesting.

An externally hosted image should be here but it was not working when we last tested it.

Werner said:
So that's a good opportunity to talk to AudioMods,

;) ;) Yes, you've done the hard bit and taken it apart already. ;) ;)

I'll do you a nice discount on a kit, it's easier to put one of those together than to try to re-assemble a standard arm.

If you really want to try to reassemble it, here's my personal take:

"Can we fit high quality, close tolerance bearings to a standard Rega arm?
Not really. The arm is designed around bearings that have a degree of “play” so that they can be set up within the limits imposed by the way they are held in place, so a very close-tolerance bearing wouldn’t be an improvement and is more likely to increase resistance.

If the bearings have to be replaced because they are faulty, a good quality commercial bearing is the right choice.
All 4 bearings are 6mm bore, 5mm wide, 13mm diameter flanged, shielded type of 15mm dia overall. They have 10 caged balls of c.1.5 mm dia.

RS components reference 612-5824 (currently £3.13 per pair) These will probably be NMB or SKF brand, depending on stock, both very good.
JIS/ISO reference 686ZZNR
Those reference numbers are for ABEC5 specification, which is as tight as you should go and will need careful setting up."

The originals are said (by Johnnie at AudioOrigami) to come from NBH in Singapore and are almost certainly ABEC3 in the 250 and 300. He's also the guy to contact for a rebuild as standard.
As a Linn LP12 fan and a RB300 fan (use a grace cut-out board, damned near perfect and it had the play to get it right)..those mod photos are down right horny. My modketeer inner parts are getting downright wet.

I dumped my basically new RB 300 due to the lack of VTA, at the time. A serious pain in the butt.!!!!

I've wanted to fix an RB 300 for damned long time. Those items go darned long way toward that. I even suspect that things like that are why Roy had to finally get into the fancier arm designs.

I'm getting some upgrade ideas from your work.

I think I can take it further....

Anyway, very nice stuff.

I think I'll get another RB300..and have a go at it again. I can get one new at dealer, and maybe ship it over.
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