Rega Planar 2 running slow, slight friction noise

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Just picked up a Rega Planar 2 from Gumtree, and it's running a little slow (hard to say how much, maybe half a semi-tone worth, at most?). I can also hear a little bit of noise when the platter turns (without the arm in place to play a record, or with no record/mat on it). I've noticed that the pulley is pulled to one side (the left) when I start it up, scraping a little, until it gets up to speed, when it rubs a little as it turns.

The TT was kept in storage for about 9 years before I picked it up, so the guy I bought it from said that I might want to relubricate things. Not done this yet, as I wanted to check the pulley issue first. There's a new belt on it (he was nice enough to include a new one).

I'm quite happy to dive in and try to tinker with things, and it seems a pretty simple unit, so I can't imagine there's too much I can get horribly wrong.

Any thoughts?
Just to share a similar experience with a friend's tt. The sound came from motor spindle touching the body and can be solved by adjusting the motor suspension spring. I don't know about the construction of your turntable, but it works on my friend's Feickert Woodpecker.
Good luck.
I had a Rega Planar 2 with R200 arm many years ago. IIRC the motor used an O ring to hold it centered in place in its mounting. The motor would move and even knock when starting up then stabilize. Also, could be your motor upper bearing is dry. A drop of oil will solve that. The lower bearing is sealed. I would give my platter a nudge to help it start when powered on.

I also recall an oiling procedure listed at pink fish or Vinyl Asylum. IIRC due to bearing clearance it was suggested to use 80w gear lube. After cleaning the bearing well, ball bearing and sub platter shaft, drop the ball bearing in and tilt the table slightly to one side. Apply two dollops (I guess really big drips in brit talk?) down one side of the bearing well. Drop the sub platter shaft in without turning it until it settles in. Turning the shaft too soon would spread oil all around the bearing/shaft and the trapped air could force too much oil out as it escapes. Too much oil and you get a big mess. Too little and you may end up dry at upper bearing area. I had also read some folks used Synthetic motor oil on the bearing, but I never tried it.

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Cheers for the replies.

I've had a quick peak under the subplatter, and can't see a ball bearing in there. Turning the unit upside down hasn't seemed to help getting it out, should it actually be there. Any recommendations on a replacement? Cheap and cheerful will do the job for now, just want to get some records on, not too fussed on sound quality yet (rubbish stereo, doesn't seem much point in agonising over the little things if the monitors I use are awful)
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slow Rega

I had the exact thing happen with my Rega P3 after I serviced the bearing myself. I somehow lost the ball bearing that the spindle rides on. It probably stuck to the spindle when I removed it and I didn't notice it. I had the slow speed problem and went so far as replacing the drive belt to no avail. I finally figured out what was wrong and and a new ball bearing put it right.
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