Reduce difraction and distortion from the cabinet on DIY designs.

I had an idea ( not a new one. but with a twist Ive not seen myself at least ) on how to reduce difraction and distrotion from the cabinett on almost any DIY kit out there.

The idea is how to increase the baffle edge radius in an easy ( ish.. ) manner. Youll also get stiffer cabinett in the process which will reduce any sing along tendencies from the box. The looks is a nice spinoff as well. I think the speaker could be very attractive when build like this.

The nice thing is that this could hardly do any harm to a DIY design. The speaker Im about to build is the Ariel speaker by Lynn Olson.

The not so good thing is that its very labor intensive.. But you should be able to pull it of with an accurate tablesaw where you can tilt the sawblade.

See the link below on a description on how to do this.

Please post sugestions and tips.

kind regards, Robert from sweden.
Not a bad idea. I've seen it done, just not so extensively (i.e larger slats to form the baffle and sides). Another possibility once discussed on the forums was to cut out somewhat of a horseshoe shape, or an oval with a flat front on which to mount the drivers. Then, remove the innards until you have the desired internal dimensions. By making large quantities of this shape, you can stack and laminate the pieces together to make a very stiff, highly dampened cabinet. However, you could imagine how long it would take to build anything other than a small monitor while only producing 3/4 inch of its height per cut...