Recording, playback’s poor relation? Post a DIY recording.

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I had a look around.


Under... recording.

Well, that didn’t go well. There are dozens of posts that mention recording, but not necessarily the verb. So I tried searching Audacity; and Cubase. I looked in Digital Line Level, Digital Source., PC Based and I searched the forum as a whole. No single thread with a title directly related to recording.

Stuff about making test tone CDs: yes. Stuff about a (1) recording interface. One about recording software. It had 5 posts. So what is going on? Linkwitz has a DAT recorder. Isn’t a recorder an adjunct to a playback system?

How many people out there got a recorder? That they use?

How many got a mixer?

A condenser mic?

A condenser mic, and a dynamic mic?

PC recorder?

A keyboard, sampler, drum machine, other instrument?

Loads of pictures of people’s equipment, but not one podcast. Searched under podcast.

So I decided to record something and post it.That was when I discovered the real problem. Even a small .mp3 file makes a .zip that exceeds the upload limits. About 60 seconds of music seems to be the limit.

Anyway I found this Mediafire site that lets you share .wavs

The Ash Grove.wav

Unfortunately I don’t have a standalone recorder at the moment so I had to use the PC, which is rather noisy and can be heard in the background. It’s a couple of verses of an old Welsh folk tune. The whistle was my 3rd. instrument, after the mouthorgan and the mandolin.

So. Your opportunity to post (a link to) some audio that you’ve recorded yourself… Just speech will do. Recite something.’Barbara Frietchie.’ ‘The Lady of Shallot.’ ‘The Cremation of Sam McGee’. In fact it doesn’t even have to be a recording of you. It could be birdsong, or traffic noise.

Look out. I’m working on some multi-tracked guitar stuff.

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I did some live recording in the very ancient days of my youth in stereo on 7.5ips open reel tape, and am in fact equipped more or less to do it now.. (I have half track ReVox G36 MKIII and Otari MX50 R2R)

I've never really given it a moment's thought, and I actually have several friends with small chamber ensembles and the like that I could even record in my living room.. No mixer though, would need to build that tube mic amp I've been planning for ages, and get some decent mics.. (I do have a solid state stereo mic amp I could use.) Two PCs capable of 24 bit 96K/192K recording actually, but rarely used that way.. Not a lot of time unfortunately.

While I love music, you would not want to hear my attempts at making music.. LOL

I will listen to your recording when I am on the desktop upstairs tomorrow morning - this laptop's audio is intermittent except through headphones and I am listening to Robin Lane and the Chartbusters on vinyl as I write this.. They are actually better than I appreciated at the time. (I was lucky to see them live a lot back in the early 1980s - so long ago...)
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Here are two that I'm not quite so ashamed to share.

This was done about eight years ago for a compilation CD for the Usenet newsgroup (which by that time obviously wasn't limited to four-track recorders) using two SM-57's about three feet away from the guitar, in a typical basement. Approximately same recording chain as below, it's an old tune called "Prelude in C Major." I'm not actually this good a guitarist, I recorded it one measure at a time and then pasted them all together in Cool Edit 2000. You can easily hear the edits in the first several measures. This has some slight reverb added which helps everything to "stick together."

I forget exactly which mic for this one, probably SM-57, and the guitar and vocal tracked separately (I CAN sing while playing but doing one at a time helps me do a better performance, and I need all the help I can get) into a Mackie 1202-VLZ-PRO, M-Audio Delta 66, Audacity. A touch of reverb was added. Audacity's reverb really didn't sound good on its own, but as far down in the mix as it is, it does seem to add rather than detract. Written on the last day of February for FAWM 2010 (FAWM.ORG | February Album Writing Month). This (re) recording was done in April:

Monitoring amplifier was whatever 50-watt solid state stereo receiver I happened to have hooked up, and a pair of JBL Decade 26 speakers.
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I have the following equipment:

Cheap ($40) condenser microphone. One. My only mic. Runs off a 1.5V battery.

Cheap Behringer mixer - forgot the model number, but it's the bottom of their barrel. Not saying much. Not much dynamic range at all, so everything sounded compressed and flat when recorded through it. EQ can only do so much...

Cheap guitars, lots of them (I now have an expensive one, but not back when I used to record). I used them alternately, though they all sounded pretty bad.

One keyboard to do pretty much everything else - bass, horns, drums (!) and strings.

A Delta 66 soundcard to record everything. I only recorded by overdubs, a kind friend with a good voice helped me out with vocals when I needed.

One completely talentless and flat-voiced 'musician', me. Eventually ended up making just one song before giving up totally.

This was it: This one

There *is* a password, it's the same as the filename (case sensitive).
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