Recommendations for desktop first build


2013-11-09 9:11 pm
I'm looking for recommendations to improve my PC sound (currently just headphones). I am looking to build small stereo speakers powered by a D class amp (smsl, topping or similar).

Can anyone recommend a good build to get me started, I have some tools and am reasonable with woodwork so the cabinet should be OK :)

I've been looking at full range drivers due to the size, but happy to consider other options too. So far I researched Mark Audio, Fostex, Peerless but its tricky as a beginner at this to identify which will offer the best sound for my situation.

Thanks in advance,

ps - any recommended suppliers in the EU? I've found lots in the USA but the import duties and shipping almost double the price.
I've been on, and ebay
You could build a Lance or Bloodhound with the Fostex FF85wk or Alpair 5.2 or with the same drivers you could build the smaller uFonkenWK or uMar-Ken5.2. There is also a slighter larger uFonkenPlus that provides a bit more bass.

Those are favoured drivers around here for desktop use. I am currently listening to uFonkenPlus in the big room (with dual push-push SDX10 helper woofers)

Wilmslow is the Fostex distrib in the UK (althou you may find better pricing in mainland Europe) & Mark Audio can be had from Oak Audio

The TC9 is a reasonable cheap driver, but we were quite dissapointed with ours after all the hype they got. The Fostex and MA are in another leauge (and easily worth the extra £ IMO)

The uFonken size is to small for the P7/CHS, but they do fit into a millSize box which is like a uFonken on Steroids.


Optimally the P7 wants a larger box, but they will work in this small a box.



2003-12-03 10:49 pm
I've done 3 pair of the lance with ff85wk drivers and a fourth is on the way. Everybody just likes them and they are an easy build. I us an SMSL SA60 amp wth them and they play nicely. If I were downsizing my living space I could live with that setup as my man system, maybe with a small sub but that complicates things.
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2010-01-16 12:16 pm
Try Europe-audio and intertechnik for drivers and components. You get nailed on delivery but they have a much better range than any UK suppliers. Also, why fullrangers? There are tiny 2 way designs in 6 inch high cabs...

I am not a complete full range convert either but it is very difficult to beat a good 3" driver in a proper small cabinet for desktop use. 4" drivers are starting to get too big. The Ascend Acoustics HTM-200SE is a very nice small 2-way speaker but it is bigger than a uFonkenPlus. Its very difficult to get big quality sound out of a small box.
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mat- two things you need to ask yourself is "just how big a space do these damned things need to fill & how loud to play?" As I'm typing this, sitting at my work computer, my little desktop speakers ( Fostex FF85WK / microFonken / Topping TP30) are sitting about a foot further away than arm's length - for those who haven't met me, that's still well under 1 meter, and they play more than loud enough.

As Dave and others will likely pipe in on, this is exactly the type of application where a 3-4" FR driver can shine - I've already posted my short list of favorites. I've heard the little Vifa that always pops up in these threads, as well as the much more expensive ScanSpeak 10F - while both measure well, neither particularly excited me, and I've gleefully accepted that few folks will necessarily give a rat's a$$ about why I do or don't wax rhapsodic over a piece of audio gear.

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