Recommendations for a cheap (but good) DI box?

just a guy

2006-05-12 6:59 pm
Seems like this hasn't been asked in awhile and since products change so often...

Art CleanboxPro is the usual recommendation these days, isn't it? But at $85 locally...
Long & McQuade - ART Pro Audio CleanBoxPro - Unbalanced-to-Balanced Level Converter
that seems a bit excessive for simple level matching.

A couple of weeks ago I asked a dj at a local event what he would recommend and he said any mixer would do the job, but all the (cheap) mixers I've looked at output unbalanced.

Usually I like shopping around but I find this product extremely boring (I'd rather be window shopping for drivers, amps and active xo's) so I'm looking for recommendations.

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