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Our material of choice

I've posted this before as well, but again our material of choice is called "blackout cloth". we are trying an approach to hang the fabric from a dowel rod. others have built a frame at and someone here was glueing this to foamboard. for a few more details check my site below.

ps. i chose this material because a guy at said after he built his screen and compared it with his high end da-lite screen, he was very satisfied, especially for the $1000 price difference.
I recently tried some HIGH GLOSS printing paper (friend works at a printing shop) and it works very well. I tried the gloss side and the flat side. The gloss side makes a brighter picture (with a dull and gloss side by side i noticed a brighter image on the gloss, i imagine it reflects more light back?), but here is where i run into a problem. Im useing an Overhead with LCD panel. I have a white dot in the center of the image, with gloss paper its almost annoying, with dull side its just noticeable, but not bad. Anybody have an idea on how to remove this? I have a thought on putting a tinted piece of plastic (smoke) about the size of a penny in the center of my Overhead panel..maybe work?

you should try this gloss paper on the image corners. I suppose it isn't so bright anymore then, if you watch from projector side.
There are different types of front projection screens. Normal screens with white matte surface with gain 1.0 and viewing angle of 180 degrees. Then gain types: a. specular- angular reflecting, b. retro reflecting screens with gain up to 2.8.
Gain screens give enhanced brightness, but only in a smaller viewing angle (<35 degr.)
Gloss paper is some kind of specular-angular type, which tends to hotspotting, which can be very critical depending of viewers position.
For more information look at 'Dalite' homepage, there's something with 'educational'...stuff!

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I picked up the black-out cloth last night. 5ft x 9ft. Got it at JoAnne Fabrics for $5.99 a yard. Just under $18.

There were 2 choices: 50/50 cotton and poly and 25/75 cotton and poly. I went with the 25/75. Both were dry clean only!

I tested it out last night with my projector and the A.I. DVD. It was an improvement in brightness and sharpness. It allowed for more ambient light in the room without over powering the projection.

Well worth the money.

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