Recommend high quality capacitor for main filter

Seems like capacitor manufacturers phase out and phase in product lines. Among capacitors now on the market, are there any recommended high quality main filter capacitors? Long life. 105C. High ripple and low ESR. I know a lot of this stuff can be found on data sheets, but am wondering what particular caps folks have had good results with that meet these criteria.
What make/model of amp? Class A? Power consumption? I don't think you should go overboard on ripple, AB amps are not that brutal regarding ripple. 105C, again this might be over kill, but if you insist... Most amps would not get near 85C and keep in mind, the cap rating is at rated voltage & temp & ripple, relax any of these parameters and the expected working life blows out... That said, I use united chemicon SMH (85C) or KMH (105C) for moderate size amps (eg, pioneer SA-8500II, yamaha CA-2010,) not a big fan of Nichicon KG (tan delta/esr...)
Ripple current rating must be adequate or the cap will cook and fail early. The better the
ripple-current rating the less self-heating in the cap, so will increase lifetime upto the point where self-heating becomes small compared to amplifier internal case temperature rise. In general the best rated capacitors aren't actually that great, so you'd normally go for the best
ripple rating you can find.

The ripple comprises mains charging pulses, and amplifier load pulses. The former dominate (rms is high) so the difference between class A and B amps is not huge here, except that class A are at maximum load all the time.