Recomendation LJM L7, L15 OR L10??


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2020-08-06 9:46 am
Power amplifier project recommendation


I'm building an amp project.

I've been testing the LJM L7 and I really like the sound it has.
This one has IR250 and IR9250 mosfet transistors, very low distortion and an SNR level of 97db.

However, browsing the internet I have found the LJM L10 and also the LJM L15.

The LJM L10 uses conventional thosiba 1943 and 5200 transistors, but in this case the SNR is 110db, much better.

The LJM L15 uses 3 pairs of ir250 and ir9250 type mosfet transistors but the SNR is 97db.

The distortion is very low in all models, I do not consider it important in this comparison.
Power is not very important to me for domestic use.
I would like to know if you could advise me which project has the best sound quality, and if this project could exceed the characteristics of a commercial amplifier.

Thanks, and greetings to the forum !!!


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2020-08-06 9:46 am
Hello, how are you? I have built this amplifier in my project and I am happy with the result. If you want to have the option to adjust the quiescent current in this amplifier, on the Calvin,s website you have a complete review, as well as the necessary modifications to be able to adjust the quiescent current.