Receiver & amp setup


2013-01-16 4:36 am
Think I have narrowed my choices down but I am also new to home audio, my experience is in having an IASCA sound quality winning vehicle. So I am looking for you opinions based on experience to avoid any buyers remorse here.

Onkyo NR709 for around $500 all in.


Pioneer Elite SC-61 for $900 all in.

Both will have full warranties.

Will that extra cash for the Elite be worth it for the setup I am working on?:

My goal is to have audiophile front speakers and sub which will all use pre outs and run off separate amps. The receiver will be used to power my center and surrounds for home theatre.

When I crank it the sound must be clean, no distorting. To give you an idea of my ears: listened to $500 Energy and $500 Polk towers today on a Marantz, it was way to bright, loud and unfortunately sounded much better turned down.

I appreciate your help. Thank you