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2012-10-29 6:13 pm
Ref: Pioneer CS-922a speakers

Have any of you rebuilt speakers, by replacing the speaker Surround? I'm looking for personal experience.

I have found a Surround Repair Kit for the 15" woofers in my Pioneer CS-922a speakers. It's $40 for a Pr. of speakers. It includes dust covers.

I've never re-surrounded a speaker. Is this something that an regular audiophile can do? What are the problems that You've had, re-surrounding your speakers?

If I re-center the voice coil with the shims, I'm worried about Tilting the cones, causing mis-alignment. How Worried should I be?

Personal Experience? Anybody???

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diyAudio Moderator Emeritus
2002-04-03 7:15 pm
Rotherham, England
It isn't difficult, you just need patience and care. As you're just doing the surrounds, the spider will stay intact and do most of the alignment you need, the shims will just stop it moving during the glue-up. Frankly, the most difficult job is removing the dust cap and old adhesive. You can try a hot air gun or acetone to soften the adhesive, and a scalpel blade to gently pry things apart.