Really Cheap 3-Way OB Build

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Have many projects in my hand, and I haven't even thought about doing a full scale OB, but today I was browsing PE buying some items I needed, when I cam across some buyout 15" woofers that caught my attention. So cheap that I decided to buy the woofer and drivers necessary for a cheap 3-Way OB. These are the components:

2 ea. - Titan 15" Paper Woofer 4 Ohms (1 ea. per speaker)

2 ea. - 6.5" Poly Mid-Woofer 4 Ohms
(1 ea. per speaker)

1 pr. - Pyle Bullet Horn Tweeter 4 Ohms (1 ea. per speaker)

US$27.95 per speaker, plus crossover price (still figuring that) and wood, and I should be able to make them for less US$80.00 each. And, I most probably have some of the crossover components lying around somewhere.
About the crossover : the most redundant parts will be resistors, as you'll have to cut 5 dB from the midrange and 10 dB from the tweeter, being the woofer 85.8 dB sensitive, 88 the mid and 93 the tw.

Yes, I have to double check, but I believe that I have 4 or 6 adjustable L-Pads somewhere in a box of used parts. From 85.8 dB to 88 dB, it is only 2.2 dB difference which is not significant, and within 3 dB; I might not need attenuation for the mid. If I build passive L-Pad, it is very inexpensive, might add $2.00 or less.
It is not 2-3 dB difference because of the EQ required ( and asked for, being it a dipole and suffering from bass cancellation ). But first build then listen ;)

Yes, recently started to use my measuring mic, in the past I would just setup the active XO, listened, and when it sounded the best to me I would build the passive XO based on those parameters. So, I will probably build an XO based on mic measurements, also getting a MiniDSP to play with. My preference is always passive for convenience reasons. Appreciate your input.

The devil of OB's and dipoles is in crossovers. But if the baffle is wide, only bass needs dipole-eq. But the eq of the bass unit drops it's efficiency a lot!

Yes, in this case the baffle won't be much wider than the 15" woofer, so I will most probably add Bass Drop Compensation Circuit. As you said the devil is the XO, also the art and the science. I will probably end up spending more on the XO's than in everything else.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.