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Ok, I have two (2) 8000 VA toroidal transformers, 230 volt input with dual 88 volt secondaries.
Anyone up for building a REALLY MANLY amplifier ? MAybe a six channel project 117 :)
Almost Halloween....MONSTER amp....anyone need a couple LARGE transformers ?


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Actually 8245 VA, 0-88-120 Volt outputs, wire is 8 gauge....and these things
are REALLY heavy.

You could use them as a set of free-weights. Shipping would be expensive. I have only 1 unreleased "DOG" that could handle them (below-EX). The 2/ 0-88 taps would give 120-0-120V rails... :eek::eek:
What I don't have is a speaker that can handle 1.5KW.

Try to sell/trade them at the swap meet section of DIYA.

Nico Ras's "big booty amp"

would eat these puppies right up. :D
They are industrial isolation trafo's for deriving 120v to power remote instrumentation in a factory.... they would have to be rewound to be useful for audio. You could use them in the US hooked up to the range circuit .. they would Definitely!! cut out any 15/20A typical household circuit.



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`I would wire them up as 120-32-0-32-120.

This would give about ±45V and about ± 170V.

I would run it class AB+G.

The transistors on the lower rails would need to be a minimum of 215V, the transistors on the upper rail need be only 125V minimum. I would probably use eight pair of MJ21195/96 per rail (32 outputs per channel), or a dozen pair if you wanted to use plastic (48 outputs per channel).

In normal use I doubt if it would ever get out of class AB (200W/4R), so you could bias it up hard for good class A power (up until your heatsinks got to 150°F or so).

A Crest 9001 runs on about the same voltage, with about the same number of outputs, ±161V peak output.
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Integrated Class A stereo amp + room heater. Perfect for Alaska or northen Canada somewhere.

I was looking at the "Pivetta Opera One" and that exact thought crossed my mind. Huge amp with thermostat for your listening\heating pleasure . The Pivetta is only 12 channels at 1600 watts. What if you want to Bi-amp or add a subwoofer or two? Clearly a few more channels of amplification are needed :)
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