Ready to use Tk-2050


2009-01-27 8:02 am
Hello everybody,

after reading some threads about how great the tk-2050 sounds i realized that i wanted one !

I'm not a diyourself guy and was wondering if there was ready-to-use tk2050 amps availables ?

I already know the Dayton DTA-100a but for now, it's sold out....maybe a chinese way to get that kind of amp ?

Still looking by myself, if anyone could help it would be great !

Virtue has a really good reputation and their prices are quite reasonable given the level of finish, their willingness to back their product, etc.

In the spirit of this hobby, I think you'd find that putting together one of the 2050 kits is shockingly easy. You don't have to solder to the board and you just have to find a power supply with the right voltage (hint: stray laptop and printer power supplies via E-Bay). I don't think Arjen Helder's 2050 needs much modification and I've put hundreds of hours on the Sure board. The Sure even comes with connecting wire, on board rca connectors, etc.

Relative to the Dayton, you'll probably get a better result for less going this route and there's a lot of help available on this board. There are also folk here who will put one together for you for not a lot.