Reaching for the "highs" in a speaker

In my search for the "just right" left and right front speakers for my HT setup I am stumped. Been looking and looking on the internet and am swamped with various opinions and speaker types. I attempt to listen to what I can to really judge what I like but can't always do that. I love crashing clear "highs" in a speaker though. My powered sub woofer handles all the bass so I need speakers that will do the rest and be able to be driven hard and loud in my big room when the urge hits. I have listened to the Klipsch line of speakers as they are big on horns. Are there any opinions here with respect to horns? Anyone like one paticular speaker over another for the high sounds? Thanks tons for your time!
I like the Klipsch I have. The horns are very good about highs and mid. Never harsh and always lots of volume! That's what Klipsch are for! I have an old pair of Klipsch Forte II's. I think they sound better than any of the new speakers Klipsch makes.

I also have a Legacy center channel, and it's awesome for highs and mid. It has a titanium dome tweeter and kevlar mids. The only problem is it costs as much as both mains.

I hear the ribbon tweeters are really good for super highs as well.


I bet the old Klipsch sound better than the new. From going to plastic instead of metal on the horns, who knows what else they have done to cheapin them up these days. But after auditioning them yesterday, they do get loud for sure but the highs I thought were rather "muddy". Something just wasn't right for me. Today I listened to some B & W's in the same style range and thought they were ummm ok but then I heard some Energy 2+2's that same day and WOW. Much MUCH better. Almost bought them on the spot but didn't for I am not done doing my research. Thanks for your response! :)