re-directed by user abuser. Possible failed cap on TD135 turntable

I have a thorens td135 which I am lamely attempting to put right. I have improved most things including replacing the difficult rubber insert inside the end stub tube inside the bearing housing - very fiddly. Alas I am a complete amateur when it comes to electronics and the motor, working approx 5 days ago, now doesn't so wondered if the cap shown might have failed - it is a little sticky inside the blue area? I wonder also if I may have tugged/pulled too much on the wiring when moving things around causing a break but I can't see anything unless of course it is in the motor itself? Thanks for your help in advance


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Yes I do have a multimeter magicn31. I appreciate all your help guys but could you go further and explain how to check continuity using the meter or point me to a decent ytube vid and what I should be looking for eg re the switch contacts? I am a complete novice.