Re-coning Drivers ?

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Does anybody know where I can have Bozak drivers reconed back to original specs?

A few years ago New England Audio Resource re-coned my 12" woofer using the identical materials that Rudy Bozak used, with a very slight mod to the coil which improved its efficiency. This slight mod did NOT alter the sound in any way. However NEAR is no longer re-coning Bozaks with original materials (I think NEAR even went out of business???).

I spoke to few local high-end audio shops and they all state that it is impossible to re-cone the Bozaks using original materials and that substitutes are required (one even suggested using a 12" car woofer!!!). They also state that doing so will change the sound quite noticably, something I do NOT wish to do...

At least, can anybody provide me with a possible lead?

P.S. I don't mind shipping the units out if I'm guaranteed that the drivers will be brought back to their original state.
I need the drivers totally re-coned. The surrounds are still intact, though I suspect they won't be re-used in the re-cone process. The kid punched a hole through the 12" woofer with her hand and shoved a screwdriver into the 6" rubber-coated metal midrange. Things happen, I guess, but I really love these ol' speakers. I'd hate like hell to part with them!

Do you know of anybody that can do the job?
Considering the the low prices that you can find good Bozak drivers going for on E-bay, making an attempt to recone is a bit fuitle.
I assume you are talking of the latest generation of the midrange and the tweeters ie., 1960's and 70's, not the 1950's versions.
On the woofer, any version, where in the world are you going to get the variable density non-resonant paper/lambs wool cone? Much less the square wire flat wound voice coil and the right springiness of the spider and surround? Sure you can put in a plain paper cone, but do you seriously think it is going to sound the same? About the only rebuildable woofer would be the post-Rudy doped "black" woofer that was a tarred-up version of the B-199 that had extra weight to compensate for a too small box. The doping ruined the lowmass cone, so putting in just any heavy cone should work.
The aluminum cone tweeter and midrange. Some of the first Z series tweeters became defective because the tweeter cone dampeners put too much pressure on the cone. Good luck on finding somebody that can duplicate the working version of the dampeners. If you can find somebody with aluminum cones the same mass, you might get lucky on the voice coil, spider, and surround parameters, but just buying a good unit on E-bay would probably be cheaper.
Best of luck,
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