RCA to VGA converter

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I know that some manufacturers of panels that don't have RCA or S-video inputs will sell an RCA to VGA convertor box so that you can input a signal directly from your stand-alone DVD player to the VGA port on the panel through such a box.

My question is:

Is this a way to defeat the Macrovision problems since the signal is entering the panel through the VGA port, or will Macrovision still be a problem?



Yes, I think so. My nView Z1500 has all the connections but I bought a TV3000 based on the results that Blockhead had. So far, I've not noticed the macrovision issues and it's also a line doubler. I can use the remote w/the TV-3000 for fine tuning. I did have an nView Spectra C that also had all the various connections and w/o the TV 3000, I definitely had macrovision issues. Go to www.avtoolbox.com and click on Up Converters. They have several models from $69-$395. The TV3000 is $99.
SpectraC vs Z

I only had the C for a week or two. However, it is larger, heavier and noisier. They both support 1.4 million colors and the resolution is the same. I think the display on the Z is a little better. I only traded my C because the only input that was working was the video input and I couldn't connect to my line doubler via TV-3000 VGA. The link below has some comparisons between panels.
Check into The ...LinkStyle LK-219413 ...... I have bought several in the past from a site on Fleabay. They sell for short money.

FYI - I have tried and tested several of these RCA to VGA converters and this is by far the best one for the money, Its plug and play and has several pre settings. The good news is you can take it where ever you go

Hope this helps

Bohanna :)
Search ebay for LCD VGA tuner and you'll find various boxes that tune in analog or DVB-T, and can also convert baseband composite or S-video to VGA.

I've seen at least one upscaling DVD player that had VGA output. IIRC it had a shiny black plastic case, and might have been "Magnasonic" brand.

Maybe a better solution is to get a media player that has VGA output; it's not that much extra work to rip DVDs using makemkv or as an iso or video_ts folder using DVDFAB. Search ebay for VGA media player; about $42 including shipping, and they appear to be capable of playing full 1080p Blu-ray rips, plus lossless audio formats like flac and ape, and some models have S/PDIF out. They may work with a USB DVDROM drive to play discs directly.
The Pvision PHD-205LE is a great tuner and it has a VGA output port but it doesn't have a RGB input and the next generation tuner from this company the (PHD-8VX) has the RGB inputs but doesn't have the VGA output,,,,, it only has the HDMI and RGB outs. I know because I have spoken with their design folks. I would go with my original RGB to VGA adapter as I believe it is going to be next to impossible to find a standalone media player that has a VGA output since that is what a desktop or Laptop computer is.

Hope this helps someone

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