rca potentiometer

Yes, of course, but if the line going from the wiper of the potentiometer to the amp (or whatever) is too long, you may experience noise pickup when the pot is set near the middle (highest ouput impedance). Try to use a 10k pot because maximum output impedance will be only 2.5k. Also, if the input capacitance of whatever you conect to the output of the potentiometer is too high, you may experience some trebble attenuation when the pot is set near the midde.
If there is a Radio Shack store in your country the following is a 100K stereo potentiometer that works great for what you are wanting to do. Part Number is 271-1732 Click here Following is a diagram. I have mounted these in removable dash panels with no shielding whatsoever and have never had a noise issue with it.


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2007-04-11 9:42 pm
Clipped said:
how would a potentiometer affect the sound?

I remember i did this one time before, but the sound changed, to almost something tubelike...i figured i was doing something wrong so disconnected it.

maybe the value had something to do with it?

was it a carbon potentiometer? those tend to sound warmer and more tube-like. the problem is they get scratchy sounding after a while.