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Hello all,
Noob here ( for this board) but long time audio guy. I have a pair of RCA LC9 cabinets, currently loaded with JBL drivers, but I have all of the original RCA parts (11419 NIB, 11420 Xovers, 11421 15" in good repaired shape). My dad, Hans Dietze, worked in RCA Sound Products with Volkmann, Olsen, May and others and I grew up with AJ May as a family friend.
I had been using the LC9s for PA back in the 80's and they are shot in black lacquer, but are in otherwise good condition.
They are in Eastern PA gathering dust in my warehouse.
I also have several of the prototype 15" horn driver which my dad developed to replace the 11421/ 9449 horn drivers. RCA was going to transition to this driver when they rather abruptly closed the division in the early 70's. Those could go in the LC9's as well.
If you have any interest, please let me know at dietzechris30@gmail.com.
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Well, One of only a couple of threads that I started over at LHF; RCA LC-9A

Many pics are located there ( though I can't seem to directly import any here );


Pair of LC9As.jpg
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