RCA conversion


2005-08-25 12:14 am
hello, this is my first post, ill try to be brief and descriptive :). Ok, i have an old RCA tube amp pulled from a hifi, (vintage 50's or so) it uses 6cg7's (new EH's) in the preamp and 6v6's (old, came with the amp when i got it) in the poweramp, with a 5y3 rectifier (which i replaced witha ss plug in thing, cause it didnt have one when i got it). I was planning on converting it into a guitar amp, but im having trouble getting sound out of it... i hooked a guitar through the phono input, i get a signal, but its very weak. I used a distortion pedal as a boost, and the sound was louder, but not much. Would I have to re-do the input section of the amp to make it suitable for guitar?
I'm not a tube guy, and I may be wrong, but it sounds like you have a dried up cathode bypass cap somewhere. Most likely an electrolytic.

You may want to repost this thread in the tubes forum, you'll get more help there.

You might need to change the input impedance (change the gate to ground resistor on the first tube to something around 68k) and you'll almost certainly want to remove the RIAA curve.