RCA continuity query

I've made some RCA interconnects (x8) using Van Damme Instrument cable and REAN NYS373 plugs. I've used this combination before in the past successfully, however with 6 of the current batch of leads when I test for continuity with a multimeter I am getting a momentary reading of (for example) 1073 before zeroing. The other two leads show no such readings and are immediately at zero on contact as expected. I've checked the connectors for any obvious filaments of wire or solder and found none and in one case even desoldered and cut back both ends of a cable before resoldering only to have the same weird momentary reading again. I'm loathe to put any of these leads into use given their suspect nature but can find no obvious fault with either the cable, soldering or connectors. Any advice would be appreciated!
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I tend to think that the momentary high reading may be due to an initial poor contact with your test probes which disappears when you press harder.

If continuity is quickly achieved and maintained as you flex the cable, I don't see any cause for concern.

The best way to test the interconnects would be to connect them between a source and destination. They will either pass signal or not.

P.S. Why this happens with only some of the cables is mysterious. Could there be some oily contamination on some of the plugs?
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Maybe it's just random chance how your meter reacts to them? Try doing it more systematically, like write it down for 10 tries?
I don't know that cable but is there any way your new leads could have different geometry to make the capacitance higher f.ex....?
Not touching the probes or connectors with your fingers for a microsecond ?
A failing battery in the multimeter can give bizarre readings too.

Otherwise I'd suggest connecting the meter to the cable with clips, then you can slowly move and flex the cable to help find breaks, shorts, failures.