rca binding post adapter


2008-01-16 11:23 pm
I just hacked apart my logitech x530 5.1 system because I plan on improving it by taking the tangband speakers out of their shitty plastic enclosures and putting them into some mdf/plywood boxes.

The problem is the system is really really userfriendly and in their infinite wisdom, logitech made the plate amp on the back of the sub and have that with rca for each channel.

I was wondering if there is a male rca that has a pair of binding post on the back or something so I can use regular speaker cable.


2008-03-11 4:05 pm
logitech speakers

Did you want to solder your speaker wire to male RCA plugs or are you trying to go with an adapter that has posts and not have to solder at all?
I need help too on one of my speakers baling out on me.
It's something on the board past the capacitors. I need a diagram or something.
If you have some info on it let me know.
I can repost under another thread if you don't.