R.I.P.- Rajah

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I wasn't sure if I should have posted this here or everything else, so I decided here since it has to do with speakers.

Over the weekend my wife and I decided to go to Spokane Wa. to see my brother and nieces. While we were there my mother-in-law was watching the place to feed our cat Rajah, at 6 months old she was our first pet/baby we have had. My mother-in-law heard a thump from the other room and thought nothing of it. A few minutes later she heard Rajah and went to check out what was going on. She told us that there was blood everywhere. What had happened was a speaker had fallen off of its stand, about a two foot drop, and landed on Rajah's head. A halh hour later I received a call from the emergancy vet and he told me that the speaker had crushed her nasal cavity, shattered her lower jaw, fractured the section of skull that goes from the nasal cavity to one eye socket, and fractured the large plate of the skull. By the time the vet had seen her she had already gone blind and her brain was too swollen to really do anything. They told us that after about 3000 dollars worth of surgery she would have a minimal chance of living. My wife and I decided to put Rajah down, we thought it would be best for her.

I know some people feel that a cat is a cat, I thought I did. I was blubbering like a baby. I am supposed to be a 6'3" 210 pound man, but couldn't help it. I guess I am posting this because I never thought this could happen, especially from such a small fall. Also to warn others. I don't know if this has happened to anyone else, but just make sure that your speakers on stands a secure if a loved one is around that could get hurt. I myself have decided to go with towers with sound bases. These speakers were my wifes favorite and demands that I sell them, and I will since I can't stand to look at them. If there is anyone looking for upgraded snells they will be in the fs forum. I just got home today and I guess I am still in shock.

I apologize if I was too graphic for anyone. Please move this if need be.

Thank you


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all pets in my family were parts of family ;

living beings .

I know how you feel ...........

in time of greatest hyper-inflation in my country , I spent dozen of monthly wages , trying to save really old cat from birth complications ......

love is love .......

do not sell spks .

make stands with bigger base , and fasten bases of spks to stands .

learn and live with it .
I've been around cats all my life since the time I was born. My father tragically passed away in May of '04 in a mysterious and unexplainable head-on collision. We were close like brothers, best friends. I had to give up the house that we lived in, and most of our belongings. Just a couple of months later, my beloved cat of the last 6-7 years.. that my father had given me as a Christmas present for first Christmas after I went to live with him when I was 14.. suddenly became VERY sick from either lung cancer, or some kind of bacterial disease in her lungs. After half a dozen visits to different vets all over the area trying to find out what was wrong with her, and around a thousand dollars down the drain, I finally took her to one hospital and had to choose to have her put down on the spot. All it took was a simple x-ray. Dozens of other tough situations were going on all at the same time during this tough period.

Anyway.. I remember when I was quite a bit younger after we first got her, she once woke me up with a loud BANG. I don't think I've ever woken so scared in my life. I looked over and realized she had attempted to jump up in my bedroom window seal (cats love to do that you know).. by first jumping up on top of my PSB Alpha Mini bookshelf speakers on Sound Organization stands.. knocking the speaker and stand off onto the floor in the process.

A year or so later, there was one time I came home from school and found one of my dad's 2-way floorstanding speakers knocked over and leaned against the TV. Behind this stuff was the large livingroom window. She had obviously done the same exact thing as before. Man.. I really got on to her this time. I still feel bad to this day for how hard I was on her about it. Needless to say, she NEVER did anything like that again.

Regardless, out of all the cats I've ever had (quite a few), she was by far the most loving, adorable, loyal, and obedient. And I'll never forget her rather amusing and unique scratchy meow. She was truly a one of a kind.

Now, four years since those tough times, I still haven't had any other pets, much less another cat ever since then. I can't stand the thought of it. It was such a tough time in my life with everything else that was going on, and cats always seem to remind me of it for some reason. And now I think it's not even worth it. We get so attached to these fragile little animals, knowing that anything could happen at any moment, and knowing that they'll likely die long before we ever will. It's just not worth it to me anymore, especially with all the memories it brings.

Anyway, I certainly didn't mean to type so much. Point is, I know how you feel.

Regards :)
Thank you all so much for the replys. My wife is REALLY moved by this thread (and that is saying alot).

BHTX, I know some time has passed but I am very sorry to hear about your father, your cat, and your run of bad situations. I know how you feel on not getting another pet. For now it just wouldn't be the same. It would have been worse if I would have had her for 9 years and she passed of natural causes.

I think if we do decide to get another cat that I will have a "no cats allowed" room for my audio gear. If it's not speakers it could be something else.

Thanks again guys
My sympathies for your loss. It's never easy losing a friend, human or otherwise. Sometimes the loss of a non-human friend can be harder. They don't have all of the difficulties of a human friend, just unconditional love.
Our cat was put to sleep 4 1/2 years ago, when he was 18. I still get a little sad sometimes when I think about him.
When you and your wife have gone through the healing process enough, I think another cat would be good. Furry friends can really cheer you up, especially at times when you aren't too fond of humans.
From the sounds of it you and your wife deserve another furry friend, and they deserve friends like you.
You can take some comfort in the fact that the short time Rajah was on this earth, the time was spent with people who cared.

Peace and Good Luck,

I have to put my pup down in the next week.

I've had her around for 14 years. I've decided to have the vet come to my house for it, as she's deathly afraid of the vet's offices.

I've had about 6 pets, and she's the only one who hasn't left this world in a frightening and sudden situation. The only one that's made it to old age.

So yeah, I know how you feel. You don't even want to come close to the stories of what's happened to my cats. The first two pups died violently in front of me, as a child. You'd think it was negligence of some sort, but no. Pure chance.
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