R.I.P. Davada, aka David Barber

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Hello everyone,

I'm sorry to announce that we lost another friend from DIYAudio.
David Barber passed away December 16, 2019 at home in Fort St.
John, BC Canada with his wife Sheri of over 30 years and his sister
at his side providing comfort in his final weeks.

I confirmed this tonight after contacting his wife Sheri.
She mentioned how much David was loved and appreciated
by all of the people he loved to help with this hobby that we all
enjoy because of its never ending challenges. She mentioned
how much he loved helping everyone here at DIYAudio.

He had a very nasty battle with cancer that began soon after he
started taking Humira. Sheri's opinion is that he was managing
his arthritis, etc with standard medications before he was made to
stop them and take this new medication Humira.
She wanted me to warn people about it because it happened
so quickly, started getting ill, then it went to liver, to lung and
once it hit his lungs in November 2019, he was gone in two weeks time.
I mentioned that I would share this information for everyone's benefit.

David, I will miss you brother, you always gave me a knock on the head
and helped me understand electronics and DIYAudio better because of you.

May God bless you that you aren't in pain any longer, are in a better place
and may he give your family comfort and peace.

Always your friend,
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David was a friend and we had done some things together. I was trying to reach him via email until getting this news today.

This is a terrible loss, and must be extremely hard on Sheri and the rest of his family. I do know he didn't expect to die this quickly.

Hello folks,

Well holy crap, this is real bad news, shocking if fact, esp. for me, since I am on Humira for Crohn's disease.
Oh boy, what I am I to do now, suffer with Crohn's, potentially more surgeries, pain & suffering or continue to take a very BIG calculated risk continuing to use Humira?
I have been on Humira for about two years now. It does work, quiet well in fact, for what it was designed to do, beat down your immune system, so the body does not act itself but this is very troubling, esp when you know of someone dying from the stuff, in short order too.
Humira is very expensive, ~$800 for each injection, every two weeks. Without Government support, it would eat into my retirement savings rapidly.
I was told by the GI, by taking Humira, I am at a higher risk of lymphoma than the general population. I need to have my blood tested regularly, every ~3 months.
Wow, I think I need to smoke a BIG fat joint and contemplate this very sad and troubling news :confused::eek::(

My condolences to David's family and friends
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