Quick question about multiple sources for one amp


I wanted to ask a quick question and this seemed the most appropriate place for it.

I have an 8 channel class-T amp that I've almost finished the latest incarnation of for an HTPC set up in our living room. The AMP takes it's feed via the analogue output of a sound card. Typically though I've added something else into the mix late in the day, and now also want the amp to also take a 2-channel analogue input from a squeezebox receiver.

It's taken an age to get the project to where it is now (I have been tinkering for almost 2 years now, new enclosures, auto-on switches etc), so for the sake of marital harmony I'm going to keep it simple and just add a Y-splitter to the Left/Right input channels. I've read though that this can be dangerous for the sources in the event of a short. Is that the case and what is there anything simple I can do to protect things?

I want to eventually build an auto-sensing input switch based on a similar PIC controller that I'm using for the auto-on, but it'll be a long while before I have something like that ready.

You could always feed the squeezebox into a line input on your sound card... Unless your card uses multifuction ins and outs and they are all used with your 8 channles out

Hey, thanks for the suggestion, but I'm afraid that I'm actually trying to take the HTPC out of the equation.

I have been running a software squeeze client on the HTPC, so currently the music goes through the HTPC sound card. We use iPeng on our phones to control music in all the other rooms without having to turn anything on (the SBR in the other rooms automatically power on over the network and the amps there all have auto-on circuits, so all we do is select the room(s) we want to play music in and what song and we get music). The living room is the only exception to this, with the HTPC having to start up before you can play anything; hence bringing in an SBR.