Questions on TDA8954 for use with guitar modeller.


2020-01-20 9:22 pm
Hey all. I'm a complete newbie to all this. I recently bought a TPA3116D2 chip on amazon and mounted it in a Hammond chassis to use with my Line 6 Helix into a 112 cab with an 8ohm Celestion. It works great, but is still a little underpowered. I stumbled on to the TDA8954 chip that is bridged for 420W mono. Seems like it fits the bill perfectly. How reliable are these? Also, I see it needs a dual 24V AC power supply. Is that just as easy as getting the proper toroidal TF that meets the specs and also wiring it in an enclosure? Thanks!
If you want more hundred Watts for instrument use, I will suggest you an amplifier based on IRS2092. IRS2092 uses external power FET switches that distribute the heat better. IRS2092 amplifiers can be found in the 200W-1000W range.
TDA8954 and TDA7498E promise several hundred Watts but the cooling, in particular of the TDA7498E chip, is difficult. That affects reliability.
Look for an IRS2092 amplifier with at least two power FETs in TO-220 housings (or bigger).
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