Questions before I start my first Projector

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I would like to express that my feelings of being overwhelmed have reduced the more I read all the information stored in this forum but I would like to get some input about the parts that I have collected so far.

I have:
Dell 1702FP 17" LCD
Apollo Horizon 15000 series OHP
The OHP has listed as parts
- Fresnel Lens 285
- Single Lens Objective F 295
- a single 360W 82V bulb
- The lumens is rated at 2000

What I know:
The fresnel is about 10" x 10" (way to small for the LCD). I need one to be at least 15.5x13.5 inch to cover the whole LCD. The Apollo fresnel is a one piece unit (the condenser and collector sandwiched together).
I have disassembled the Dell LCD with success. I found that it needs the FCC cable extended and I have ordered the part from and it should arrive sometime today. Despite my skills/luck the LCD still works.
I went to Home Depot last night to look at their lights. I found a 500w Halogen light that is supposed to produce 10500 lumes for $14. It came with a housing and reflector.

17" LCD - $0
OHP - $0
500w lamp - $14

What I want to know:
Could I use the parts I have and build a decent projector?
I know that I would not be able to use the whole image from the LCD but I could upgrade later to a larger fresnel and optics.
Is the light source I have adequate?
I have read that mh is the best because of the color range and lower temps but will my parts be good enough for a little while.

I would like to build a projector with the parts I have assembled thus far and upgrade later/soon when I have played and learned more about the setup. I don't mind spending money on better parts and I can see from the other post that better parts can lead to incredible images.

My ultimate goal is to make a projector that I can hook up to my HTPC and watch some live tv shows and movies.

Thank you in advance for your advice
Should work just fine. The bulb in the projector should be plenty for projecting at this time. The 500W halogen would be pretty tricky to work with, due to the massive amounts of heat, and results would be slightly tinged yellow. It's really up to you (I use a 600W halogen, but that came with my projector..) If you have an OHP bulb that works I would just pop the LCD on top and try it out, sure the sides will be cutoff etc. but at least you'll get an idea of how you can tweak it, and how everything works first hand. The nice thing about just using the stock OHP is that you wont have to re-allign everything (lamp, LCD, and fresnels) and once you secure the LCD to it and add a bit of cooling it should be pretty decent, despite not being able to see the edges.

Also if it is going to be hooked up to an HTPC now then you can just resize the TV or Movie windows to fit inside the projected area to make it all work.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.