Questions about the Tang Band W8Q-1071F 8"x12" Subwoofer

Hello all,

I am looking to build a sub for my car using 2 of the W8Q-1071F in the trunk, but I seem to be having trouble plotting it in winISD. I want to build a single chamber enclosure with a single duel flare port.

When I plotted this sub, the box came out at 66.39ft^3 @ 36Hz. Now that is about the size of my kia. This does not seem right to me. I would like advise on a proper enclosure model in winISD or pointing in the right direction as to what I am doing wrong.

I would like the box to be 2ft^3 or less with a single chamber and a relatively low tuning. Attached is my plot.

I did do some searching and did not find much here unless I my search parameters were not good.


Any ideas?


2006-02-16 10:49 am
A parameter was definitely entered incorrectly.
Do realize that these don't go extremely low, and if you want to run two of them, your enclosure might need to be a bit larger than you'd like for it to be. Also, keep in mind that TB's provided T/S parameters are often a bit off, especially in regards to Fs. It's usually a little higher than spec'd.

Fortunately, I already had entered this driver in WinISD Pro a long time ago while checking it out at one point. So, I'm not looking at the TB page, but at the driver editor in WinISD. I'm sure it's a tiny bit different from what's on the spec page, but that's to be expected. Here's what I have..

Qes - .32
Qms - 4.46
Qts - .298
Fs - 27 hz
Vas - 88.22 l
MMs - 118.2 g
Cms - 0.2939 mm/N
Rms - 4.60006 kg/s
Re - 3.2 ohm
BL - 14.16201
Dd - .242 m
Sd - .046 m^2
Xmax - 12 mm
Vd - 552 cm^2
Pe - 250 w
eff no - .5277%
Znom - 4 ohm
SPL - 89.38 dB

Also, just to make sure you're aware.. rather than going for such a flat anechoic response with a QB3 alignment or the like, I suggest you take cabin gain into consideration. An SB4 alignment would probably be a good place to start. If it were me, and I was stuck with having to use these drivers and didn't have enough room, I'd probably just use one of them.. 1.2 - 2 ft^3, tuned at or just below Fs. Just a thought. Goodluck. :)


"I would like the box to be 2ft^3 or less with a single chamber and a relatively low tuning"

..Oops, sorry..must have missed that. :sorry:


2006-10-26 11:21 am
switch to 0.50a7 or newer if there is. those check the integrity of parameters and won't allow missmatch when saving. this may cause some frustration in the beginning if trying to put parameters in wrong order.

a6 doesn't show the "simulated" effect of Le in vented enclosures, neither the max spl in closed cabinets, these work in a7

with a7 you sometimes see response go to zero in ported enclosures, that means porth lenght just went negative, this didn't bother a6. with bigger ports or lower tunings this naturally happens less often, can be annoying when sweeping tuning up and down for fun :(

I got better results.


This right here is in a 2.5 c^ft enclosure tuned to 35Hz. I did a plot 10 30 and it looked a little better.

I tried plots with a single woofer, but I did not like the results. The box was just way to big or the port length was way to long. Ether way, this plot looks pretty good to me.

I just would like some opinions though on the plot here, I'm still not sure how to fully read it, so any comments are welcome. Just assume I don't know and it will go from there.