question on my 4ohm subs / dual voicecoil


2008-01-12 10:28 pm
i have
2 alpine type R SWR-1242D
12" Subwoofer (4Ù + 4Ù)
Power Handling Capacity (RMS): 500W
Power Handling Capacity (Peak): 1500W

i have them on a 1500watt directed amp ( oldstyle )
i have them all ran together ( dueled )

so am i running them @ 1 ohm or 2ohm?
If your amp is run mono it will see 1/2 the load, meaning if you bridge an amp on a 4ohm speaker it the amp will be at a 2 ohm load.

If you run your coils in series it will double the impedance, in parallel it will cut it in half.

1. 2X-4 ohm speakers can make 8 ohms or 2 ohms depending on HOW its wired together.

2. A 4 ohm load is on each channel of an unbridged amp and the amp will see 4 ohms.

3. If you bridge the amp the 2X- 4 ohm drivers wired in series the amp will see 1 ohm, if they are wired in parallel the amp will see 4 ohms.

5. If your amp is run mono with 2X-4 ohm drivers the amp can only see 4 or 1 ohm.

6. drivers with dual VCs @ 4 ohms can make 8, or 2 ohms, this could make a 16, 4 or 1 ohm pair....meaning a mono amp could see 8 ohms, 2 or 1/2 ohm!!!!

7. Good luck and dont blow your amp up.
If you have both voice coils of each woofer paralleled, each woofer is now a 2 ohm woofer. If the amp is a 2 channel amp and you have one woofer connected to each channel of the amp, your amp is running 2 ohms per channel. If the amp is a 1 channel amp and you have the woofers paralleled at the amp, your amp is wired 1 ohm mono.