Question on modifying a passive pre


2011-09-03 12:08 am
Hi everyone, forgive the noob question. I have an Antique Sound Labs T1xDT transformer based passive preamp. It has 2 outputs, 3 inputs, a "direct in" and a "tape out". I need a tape loop to which to attach my digital room correction processor and I have been told by a retailer of same that it is an easy task to rewire the unit to effectively "make a tape loop". They were not forthcoming about exactly how to do it, of course. Just wondering if that's even doable and if so, what would one do? I have some soldering skills and it would seem to me that the wiring in passive preamps is pretty simple, or am I way off here? Thanks.
An external tape loop is a tape out through some processor and back in via a tape in.
There's nothing complicated about two interconnects.

Some tape loop facilities will include in the switching a "block" to prevent feedback. This was needed in the old days of reel to reel where two heads were used and one recorded with the first head and played back via the second head a fraction of a second later. That delayed output was fed through the tape loop to be "monitored" at the headphones, or speakers.