Question on DAC power supply (general) & interconnection to source


2009-09-12 9:14 am
Hi all,

I am currently (finally..) building my shiga and getting to the point where I have to decide on boxing the whole stuff.

At the same time I have some small PCM1798 DAC on order.

As the shiga will be my only digital source for the moment I was thinking of integrating the DAC in the Shiga. Would the interconnect still stay a spdif or is there a way to connect the TTL out directly to the DAC ?

Any audible benefits ?

Concerning the general powersupply, could the shiga and the analog part of the dac share the same 12V supply ?

For the digital supply (9V) should I get a separate transformer, or should extra 0 - 9V secondaries on the 12V transformator be sufficient ?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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