Question on binding posts

Up till now I have always used terminal cups, and I have never been impressed by them... they always seem a bit fragile.

So now I am trying Dayton Audio Heavy Duty Binding Posts. No instructions or drawings were provided, and there is no guidance on the Parts Express website.

Having never used them before, I am confused by the two nuts, two star washers, and the terminal tab / solder tab. I assume that after the post is inserted through the cabinet wall from the outside, the hardware is attached in this order: nut, washer, terminal tab, washer, nut... yes? Or perhaps it is washer, nut, terminal tab, washer, nut... ?


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I insist on the washer first then nut to tighten the post to the cab or draw it into the hole.
Normally, the solder tab is between the 2 washers, followed by the pair of nuts to lock the mounted position into place.

How do I use them? I omit the solder tab for a ring crimp connector normally, and just go washer-crimp ring-dual nuts.