Question for Guido or Kuei on power supply caps in re-clocking circuits

Straighten me out please, which is more important, low esr or low ripple in powersupply caps for re-clocking circuits, and why does the measured specs say on the Sonic Frontiers Ultra Jitterbug that jitter is 40 picoseconds at >1k or more, does that mean under <1k the jitter can be much larger.

Your re-clocking circuits, I've seen both of you mention that the jitter is well below the ones in the Sonic Frontiers, but what happens at the lower fequency, can you guys give some jitter specs on yours from say 20hz to 20khz?

Cheers George
Here is the inside of the Jitterbug, do'nt hold back guys it's not mine, i wont be offended.

Cheers George


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