Question & advise for building a powered speaker

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hello guys,

i've the following components and would like to know if this would fit and how to handle everything.
- a raspberry Pi + HifiBerry DAC (RCA input, Micro USB powered)
- a Tube preamp Trend PA-10 (with RCA inputs & outputs)
- a little but very powerful amplifier Dynaox Class T amp TA2024: dynavox da-30 amplificateur t-amp ta2024
- 2 medium
- 2 tweeters

I was wondering if, with this stuff i could do some kind of replica of this Min7 speaker:
meaning having:
the TA2024 amp plug with the speakers
the raspberry getting the music from my logitech Media server and all other stuff from the web and the Trend PA10 enhancing the sound and giving it the tube color sound.
do you think this would be good?
if yes, then my biggest concerned is: how do i manage to have all of this powered properly and simply? i don't want to have 3 power cables out of this speaker box.
thanks in advance for your lights!
1) be realistic.
2) will you build the cabinet?
3) you call powerful an 8W/ch power amp?
4) you forgot the subwoofer
5) and the half dozen amps needed to power those drivers
6) and the 3 way stereo crossovers with mono/summed subwoofer output
7) and all connectors/wiring
8) given the above, forget the "tube enhancement"

Best option: invest in the kickstarter project (4 days left) , at least they know what they are doing and you won't waste time and money.
@horst303: The point of the mono speaker is because i will use it in our bedroom.
For my living room i will remain on a good 5.1 installation.

For the cabinet, yes i'll build it as i've already built 2 for my kids for their bedroom, with let's say the same kind of idea: 2 speakers + the TA2024 amplifier in it, they then connect their music player (ipod or stuff like this) to it and it rocks ;-)
of course the sound is not HQ but it's all good for them and they were very happy to do it with me.

@JMFahey: So, yes i've do the cabinet, it will certainly not be as good as the Min7 with the rounded edge and so on, but it will be ok.
Good point for the subwoofer & the crossovers.

So i would really to continue to invest in this idea.
the T-amp can be replaced by another one, if you think that this one is not sufficient because it's the only piece that i would need to buy.
Congratulations on your woodworking skills :)
To do it justice, you'd need at least two , say, 20/25W per channel stereo amps (check Chipamps' LM1875 based amps) , one bridged to drive the subwoofer, the other to drive woofers and tweeters, you'll need 2 proper passive crossovers and some kind of active one to separate subwoofer amp and the rest of the program.
You must mix 2 channels into one for the subwoofer but probably some dedicated crossover already does it for you.
Still forget the "tube enhancement" , will do very little, if anything at all and is extra stuff to mess with.

Given the mix and match of components, I would not build them inside the speaker cabinet but in a separate chassis; **if** you want "just a single mains cable" and less exposed wiring you can do that inside the "electronics" chassis and join it to amplifier with some screw terminal strip on both ends, so you install it once and leave it .

You don't have the luxury of the kickstarter project who given the quantity of systems ordered could have a custom designed PCB, custom chassis, and probably series (or automatically) made modules.

Even the carpentry must be basically CNC made, with the "human touch" reduced to oiling and polishing the wood.

If anything, for speed, repeatability and cost.
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