Question about Marantz 2235b use as preamp

I want to use my Marantz 2235B as a preamp for a while. It has Preamp outs so that's no problem. My question is: do I need to put some dummy loads on the speaker connections to prevent damage to the power amplifier stage or is it OK to run it without the speakers connected?

While were on the subject, would the receiver be harmed if it were left running with neither A nor B speakers selected? Or used as a headphone amp with no speakers connected.

I wish I had an owners manual.:(



2010-12-20 9:41 pm
The 2235 is a solid state amp. No load is required. Tube amps using output matching transformers do require a load to prevent core saturation. I used my 2230 into a Dynaco ST-70 for years with the speaker terminals not connected (on the Marantz). When I do hook up speakers to it, it still plays and sounds great.